Mountain Popa is one of the highest peak in Myanmar, located around 50km away from Bagan. It is very holy place, as very important temple is located on one of the hills around this mountain. To get there you have to walk 777 steps. The stairs are occupied by very pushy and quite noisy monkeys. I guess I would put this place on top of all that monkey stairs i ever been to. I really got no food with me, but got the feeling that all of them are watching me and ready to fight if i got anything to eat.
The story behind the temple itself is really fascinating. There are 37 nuts, who are literally ghosts. They are very sacred in Myanmar. All of them got their own story, but most of them were murdered. I read their stories before going there to understand what is what and it was really interesting! So Buddhism in Myanmar got it’s own set of holy figures dating back to 11-12th century. Inside the temple there are figures of all nuts.
Also this place is very pushy with donations, they asking for money every step and doing everything to take as much as possible. They put bills everywhere including right on Buddha statues, they put memory sighns with the name of those who donate at least 20$. So visiting is interesting, but you are bombarded with donations.