Today is time to leave Malaysia and continue to explore the region. I will tell you little later where I’m heading to, but now i want to tell you a little bit more about the story about my flight with @AirAsia, which I supposed to have today.
And current pic is the one from Sky Bridge in Langkawi!
When i was preparing this journey and planning the route, i had lots of points of interest in the region and was trying to make a good route and minimize travel time.
So i found surprisingly good flight from Penang to one of the next destinations. And to add, it was so convenient and nice priced (around 30$ per person), that I decided to continue my journey in a little bit different way than initial ideas.
When i was already on the road in December i got a letter from @AirAsia, that they are cancelling the route from January and there’s no more flights. Also they suggested
to reroute it or refund. I need to
make a decisions and contact them by LiveChat (just Chat) or call center.
Ok, that happens. And even though it was not good, i understand that there’s nothing wrong in it.
So I simply decided to reroute my flight via KL the same day, thought my travel time was not 2 hours as before, but 7-8 including connection time.
After it I tried to contact the company to make the changes.
Firstly, Live Chat. Waiting time was 2-2,5 hours. I contacted them twice. First time something went wrong and while they were searching for information i was disconnected by their system because no messages during 5 minutes and it was me who was waiting for them to check something. Second time they told me that my reservation got some code and they don’t have access to it in this chat.
Very nice to find it after 4,5 hours of waiting.
After that I decided to try to call them. And then i found that they got no call center in
Malaysia. I tryed to call to other countries, but they again got no acess to my reservation and could do nothing. And guess what, they reccomend me to contact LiveChat or submit refund form on their web site. But i want to reroute! Dead end, as that was exact instructions in the letter.
So the only option left for me was visiting their office in KL. And as i was around, I decided to try without no hope. And of course, they again can do nothing for me: Go to LiveChat, they will help you! HA!
At this point I realized that i need to
travel, so I decided to buy tickets by myself and claim for refund.
Same route, same dates, but around 150$ for 2 for connection flight instead of 60$ for direct flight. And yes, connection on my risk, because no other option but buying separate tickets! FUNNY! They even earn! They literally got more money for making me problems!
At the same time I contacted LiveChat for the third time as they reccomend me in office and LiveChat says “Sorry, but they were wrong!”.
So i filled some refund form on the website and it was said that processing time is about 5 business days. Ok, sounds reasonable.
Guess when it was? January, 8! 10 business days have passed. Of course, no answer!
Earlier this week i decided to do as you reccomend and wrote message to company’s head Tony Fermandes @tonyfernandes. I also asked some of my friends and you in story on Instagram to like this message. It gained 82 likes and should be very obvious, he couldn’t miss it. That was 4 days ago – no reaction.
So at this monent i already got to my destination, payed 2,5 times more to do it and waist around 12 hours trying to sort this case. And even no refund and noone in @airasia couldn’t sort it! And at this point it’s not only that 60$, but mostly all that mess they brought to me without no reason. And that’s absolutely their fault!
I don’t want to say nothing bad about @airasia as when it works, they could be nice. But i tell you all that story to let you know that if something goes wrong, you can spend lots of time trying to sort it and not much chance to fix it. They simply got no process of client service. That includes refund.
Mayby any other suggestions?