Sri Lanka is really great country to travel! It can offer you so much and thought it’s not very big, there’s so much to see:
historical monuments
ancient cities
religious sites
national parks
amazing train rides
beautiful green and fresh nature
lots of animals and birds in real life
scenic highlands
great beaches
perfect and tasty food
I guess i name almost everything that is usually called part of good journey! And to add, people mostly are very helpful, welcoming and polite. The only exception is crowded (and very cheap) transportation and drunken people, which is kind of the same in many parts of the world. And it’s part of adventure, isn’t it?
Sri Lanka is growing as tourist destination and i’m really glad that i get there now. It got so much great stuff around, that they got good chance to become very popular and really touristy place and to loose themselves as it happens sometimes. But now it’s really perfect!
Some major practical numbers:
I spend 21 days in Sri Lanka
I visited 9 cities and places + some areas around
I saw 8 places from UNESCO World Heritage list
My average expense is 70$/per day for 2 persons excl. flight from hometown. Which is 20$ less than I expected (I planned 90$ for 2) so it was very good surprise and helped me to compensate a big part of India overspending. I definitely could spend even less, if i wouldn’t treat myself with good coffee, occasionally alcohol and several times took public transportation and not tuk-tuks. It will reduce my spendings to less than 60$ a day for 2. Which is amazing value for money in such a great place!
So thank you Sri Lanka for a great time and it’s time to move to the next country!