One more Galle street pic!
Today was another travel day. I have a flight from Colombo at midnight, but still i need to get there.
So as i got no reasons to take risks, I decided to give myself plenty of time to reach the airport from Galle.
Firstly i took 3 hours train ride to Colombo, which happened to be really overcrowded and i had to fight for my good standing place near the door. After arriving to Colombo i had an idea to see one missed sight, but it started to rain and i decided to go to the airport even though it was 10 hours till flight.
I was already checked in and got only hand luggage, but it took some effort to get to “clean” zone. They have kind of unofficial rule that you couldn’t get inside earlier than 3 hours before flight. So as i got literally 6 hours to wait for it and nothing to do in very basic airport, i tryed to search for leading officer to ask for permission. My sad eyes helped and he let me in 5 hours before leaving.
I had an idea to go to the lounge, but it happened that the only one who let people to pay for staying there was so basic, that it wasn’t worth it. So I just stayed in zone with duty free shops and some cafes.
The prices inside were really insane! I mean really! Just an example: can you imagine burger at Burger King for 12$!?!?! Some of my rooms during traveling in Sri Lanka were cheaper!
So i had some coffee for 6$, watch movies and done some usual useless stuff everyone usually do in airports while long connections.
Today was my first flight with @AirAsia. And thought i had some second thoughts about it as being budget airline, this time it was really good: nice and new plane, reasonably priced, enough legroom and very good food on board, which i had to buy, because I literally had something like food 14 hours ago