Mirissa is said to be one of the best and most vibrant places in Sri Lanka!
Firstly i need to say, that it’s beaches are really great and fantastically works for me. The sea is very clean and warm with regular waves, which is cool to surfing and simply to have fun!
I’m not good swimmer, but this waves are truly cool! Couple of times they simply turned me upside down and numerous times partly took my swimsuit away! Really fun time!
The beach itself is packed with bars. Each of them have sunbeds which usually are free to use (sometimes they charge, so better to ask first), but they expect you to buy drinks or lunch, which sounds reasonable. Each day one of the bars holds beach parties after 9pm, but i don’t find them interesting enough, because it’s mostly loud music and not too many people.
Mirissa is very popular with western tourists and for a good reason. And i think that’s great, but got some downsides. Good thing is that you really can feel yourself in better and more familiar atmosphere. The downside is that local beach bars knows that the tourist flow will come anyway and all their good attitude ends when you sit and order. After it mostly they don’t bother and sometimes even act themselves rude, which is really rare in Sri Lanka. But that’s the thing only about beach bars and there are few good ones which are easy to find, because more people sit there.
The rest of the town is mostly hotels, guest houses and some local houses.
The rhythm of place is much different. I felt it from the first minutes. In someway life here is much slower, nobody rushing. Like you can order your coffee and get it in 20 minutes even if you are alone. And all this time the guy will work with your coffee!
Firstly I tryed to fight against it, because it’s boring, but in few hours gave away. I guess getting to the rhythm of places is the same as acclimatization and time difference: you need time to adopt.