This Christmas I decided to make something special. I asked my Instagram friends around the world to send me little videos to share some love and holyday spirit around the world!

It took some time to organize it, but it ended with around 20 videos from 5 continents, which were filmed specially for this video!

By making it, I want to inspire you to travel in 2016!

Open your heart and explore! Go not only for sights and beaches, but also save some time to know each other! There are so many good and open people around the world in every single country! And it’s my believe, that only with knowing each other we can live in a better future!

So fasten your seat belt and enjoy the video! Share it with your friends now!

Special Christmas video from around the globe from Alex Block on Vimeo.

My big «Thank you» for those, who find time to participate in it:
@indietravel (Mexico), @abbytravel (Sydney), @survivingeurope (Salzburg), @ashley.arquette (New Zealand), @authenticchica (Amsterdam), @didi_amicoimmaginario (Treviso), @espenvalverde (Denmark), @francesca.ricoveri (Padua), @german_backpacker (Germany), @korolev_yuriy (Moscow), @mates1p1 (Bratislava), @snowmantraveler (Sao Paulo), @reflectionsbym (Capetown), @riccardozanutto (Venice), @sgm1154 (Greenville, USA), @travel_o_grapher (India), @yoyohiuyung (Hong Kong), @alxndrsunny (Moscow)

Merry Christmas!