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What to see and do in Marrakech

Marrakech these days is one of the most popular and trendiest places to see. It is doing a great job attracting people from all over the world with it’s glamour, authenticity and exotic mood. Marrakech feels way more glamorous compared […]

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Day 443: Tangier

Tangier is a coastal town in Morocco, known for it’s old Medina, nice beach and relaxed mood. It got a long history and previously was a romantised getaway with a “french” touch for celebrities including Rolling Stones, who lived here […]

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Day 442: Morocco

Hello, Morocco! ✌ I’m so ready to explore your heritage! In the afternoon i took a flight from Madrid to Tangier. The trick is that there are very cheap flights from Spain to Morocco, that’s why i build my route […]

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Food tour in Madrid

Food tour in Madrid, Spain cuisine

Spanish cuisine is definitely Top3 things to see, do and experience while you spend your time in Spain. Tortilla, tapas, gazpacho, churos, paella, amazing wine, jamon along with the other specialities makes it one of the most diverse and bold […]

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Day 440: Madrid

Day 440: Madrid Madrid has always been a bit of a mystery for me for some reason. I have been here 2 times before and each time i got a feeling that it got much more than Prado, Plaza Mayor […]

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Day 439: Heritage sites, chocolate and tapas

Zaragoza is not a big city , but still it got a lot to do. Apart from the main Cathedral, famous Easter celebrations and Expo zone, it is home of 3 finest examples of Aragon architecture, which are included in […]

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Day 438: Zaragoza

Early few hours long train ride from Bilbao and i made it to the capital of Aragon region of Spain – Zaragoza! From the very first minute i was surrounded by the festive events of Santa semana (Holy week) celebration. Here […]

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Day 437: Bridge and art

In the morning i made it to the town next to Bilbao – Portugalete. Though technically another town, it is just short metro ride from Bilbao. The reason a came here is to see UNESCO World Heritage Site –  Puente Colgante! […]

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Day 436: Bilbao

Bilbao is one of those cities where you feel comfortable from the first second! Here everything is done for the people, it is historical, but modern at the same time. Bilbao is known for it’s modern design, but it lives […]

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Day 435: Back on the road

I’m back on the road. This time i want to succeed in one challenge. When i have started exploring full-time from the very beginning i had one of the basic ideas to explore Spain. I really love Spain, it is […]

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