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Day 322: From Koh Samui to Koh Phanang

Today I’m moving from Koh Samui to the island next to it – Koh Phanang. Getting from one to another is easy as it’s one of the major routes here and Koh Phanang got no airport. In my case it […]

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Day 321: Koh Samui

Mornings became much better when you have a glass of champagne to start the day, isn’t it? After my yammy breakfast for 3 minutes i had an idea of going out of my X2 Koh Samui Resort and explore Koh […]

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Day 320: From Krabi to Koh Samui

Getting from Krabi to Koh Samui happened to be surprisingly easy, thought it requires several changes along the way as part of the way is on the ground and part along the sea. I was a bit worried about it, […]

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Day 319: Krabi

Krabi is very peaceful place, which is good for those who is looking for some time close to the nature, but without sacrificing comforts. Carst rocks and lots of greenery along with the long beaches makes it good place to […]

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Day 318: Going to Krabi

After week in Malaysia I’m back to Thailand. This time i will check some more highlights of Southern part of it! So next couple of weeks expect some cool places, new destinations and experiences! In the afternoon i took the […]

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What to do in Kuala Lumpur

Visiting Kuala Lumpur is cool, i loved this place when i was here for the first time, but for the second time I was little confused what to do here. Though there are lots of things to do in Kuala […]

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Day 317: Chilling in KL

Day just to chill in KL and check couple more cool places that i had in mind for a while: one hip cafe with swedish design and good coffee and one rooftop bar. Actually rooftops now are a bit limited […]

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Day 316: In seach of cool architecture

Kuala Lumpur is a bit tricky for the second time visitor and, honestly, i hardly have found interesting things to see here, that i haven’t seen before and that were interesting for me. I mean, probably Bird park or amusement […]

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Top things to do in Melaka, Malaysia

best things to see and do in Melaka, Malaysia

Melaka (or Malacca) is the city in Malaysia, which is known as ex-Dutch colonial city, UNESCO World Heritage Site and the place with lots of cool things to do. Usually frequented by visitors from Malaysia and Singapore during weekends, it […]

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Day 315: Back to KL

Time to leave Melaka and going back to Kuala Lumpur! After pretty smooth bus ride i made it back here and spend the rest of my day mostly chilling, eating my favourite food at the main food street, having a […]

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